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Cool Pick Hotel Written by William R. Stanek

Business is driving the phenomenal growth of the Web. More than 70 percent of all the resources on the Web are in the commercial domain. The hope for the future of business on the Web is electronic commerce. The businesses of the world want full-scale electronic commerce without any glitches, and they are pouring millions of dollars every year into research. This research money is rapidly taking electronic commerce from its infancy to the next level, where you can conduct all your banking, financial, and commerce needs online any time of the day or night.

The one-stop index to business on the Net is the Internet Business Center. Maintained by the Aloha Internet Group (tsunami.tig.com), the Internet Business Center has a wealth of useful resources and statistics on Internet business. The timelines, profiles, and presentations will help you understand Internet business and the business directories will lead you to the best business resources on the Net.

To conduct business on the Web successfully, you need the advice of experts. The place on the Web to learn how to market and advertise online is Advertising Age (www.adage.com). Each issue of the magazine is filled with essential information that can help drive the success of your Internet marketing efforts and as the slogan for Advertising Age says, it's all about marketing.

The key to selling and buying products online is cybercash. Over a dozen companies from DigiCash (www.digicash.com) to First Virtual Holdings (www.fv.com) have invented ways to make electronic money transactions on the Internet. While hundreds of businesses have adopted these transfer methods, thousands of businesses are waiting in the sidelines to see what develops next because almost every major credit card company and bank in the world is actively pursuing ways to make full-scale electronic commerce a reality. The goal is to find common ways to make secure money transfers easily, affordably, and effectively.

On the Web you will find electronic commerce projects by credit card giants, like MasterCard and Visa. You will also find innovative companies like First Union Corporation striving to put cyberbanking at the forefront of Web technology. First Union (www.firstunion.com) is making a concerted effort to be the first bank to let Web users conduct all their banking needs online.

The major success stories in electronic commerce are the shopping malls. The first Internet shopping mall to promote cybershopping on a stellar scale is the Internet Shopping Network (www.internet.net). With the muscle of a billion-dollar parent company backing them, ISN was sure to be a smashing success story and it is. Today ISN has nearly a half dozen Web servers servicing hundreds of thousands of customers. But ISN is more than an arm of the Home Shopping Network; ISN is the success story that started the race to build shopping malls in cyberspace.

In recent months, the Internet Shopping Network (www.internet.net)has scaled back its early design that featured a 60,000-byte graphical greeting and gave everyone what they wanted, quick and easy access to bargain-priced products. The new design is simple, yet much more effective.

With over 10,000 products, free shipping, and a low-price guarantee, Cybershop is definitely a must-see to complete your Web tour experience. While ISN is scaling back the graphics, the relative newcomer to the cybermall business, Cybershop (www.cybershop.com), is serving graphics up in heaping proportions. Cybershop greets the world with a graphical menu featuring more than 40 hot spots that you can click on.

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