A Brief History

In March 1994, I founded The Virtual Press.
My vision was to create a company that
would help launch the careers of aspiring
writers. As a veteran writer with little to
show for 10 years of writing, I knew how
difficult it was to break into print. For years
I had planned to start up my own press,
but traditional small presses are expensive to
operate. Eventually, I turned to electronic
mediums to publish my works and the works
of other authors from around the world.

The idea for Internet Daily News was born
months before I founded The Virtual Press.
If I had started work on IDN immediately,
the newspaper would have been published on
floppy disk and not the Internet. At that time,
this thing called the World-Wide Web
was just starting to gain recognition in the
Internet community. Fortunately, I realized
the timing wasn't right for a newspaper on
floppy disk and I shelved the idea. In 1995
with the World-Wide Web spreading like wild
fire, I decided it was time to re-examine the
project and Internet Daily News was born.

From the start, Internet Daily News was an
ambitious project. The goal was to publish a
free newspaper seven times a week that
would attract readers. I planned to obtain
material from dozens of freelancers from
around the world and organize the material
for daily columns, features and special
events. Regardless of whether IDN sinks
or swims, I will consider the project a success
because I followed a dream and realized my vision.

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