News Nots

Satire That'll Make You Think

 * Personal Computing Enters World Of The Spirit

 * Human Superiority Movement Is Gaining Ground

 * National Parks In Cyberspace?

 * Abuse Of Postal And Delivery Systems Widens, Gains In Creativity

 * Telemarketers Triumph

 * Can A Network Run For President?

 * Machine Politicians Expected To Dominate The Late Nineties

 * New Software Takes Burden Out Of Business

 * Lottery Winner Sees Whole Life Change

 * Move To Impeach Hillary Raises Difficult Constitutional Questions

 * New Chips Make Life Far Less Trying

 * New Technology Will Solve Those Nagging Questions Of, Er, Size

 * Red Ink A State Secret?

 * Micromusic Takes Muzak(Tm) To A New Level

 * Tidbits for Thought




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