Connections & Browsers

Give yourself a pat on the back, you're on-line. You made it! But is everything really set up the way you want it? Now that you are on-line, you may want to:

Find a better connection service.

The Friday Evening section "Getting Connected" gave lots of pointers on how to get on the Net and how to find a connection service. The section also listed some of the top connection services. If you want to find additional connection services for your area, you may want to visit an on-line directory for connection services called The List.

Upgrade your browser.

Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer are the most popular Web browsers. If you are not using version 4.0 or later of these browsers, you should upgrade your browser. Appendix A details how to install the latest version of these browsers.
Download of trial version of Netscape Communicator. On the main Netscape home page you will find a Download link, click on it.
Download Internet Explorer. On the Internet Explorer home page you will find links leading to the download area, click on any one of these links.

Lets go on!