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Anti-Spam Law on the Road to Victory

As crusaders in the fight against spam, Global Internet Solutions, the Web@Work Studio and Internet technology author William Stanek are proud to announce genuine progress in the fight against unsolicited commercial email. Governor Gary Locke of the State of Washington signed a bill that bans most forms of unwanted email. The new law takes effect June 11, 1998. The law makes it illegal for anyone to pirate an Internet Service Provider or use fake email addresses to distribute commercial offerings (aka spam). The goal is to make spammers accountable for their actions and violators face a fine of $500 to $1000 per incident.

As the fight against spam continues, we urge you to continue to visit and use the Anti-Spam Headquarters. We'll continue our efforts until spam is nothing but an unpleasant memory from the distant past-regardless of whether we get recognition for our good deeds. We're not in this for a pat on the back, we're in this to make cyberspace a place everyone can enjoy!

Getting Rid of Spam

Every day our mail boxes are flooded with unsolicited e-mail messages from people we don't even know. These messages typically try to sell us the moon and the stars for a tidy sum. Well, I don't want the moon or the stars, and don't think you do either.

The time to put an end to unsolicited e-mail a.ka. spam is now. Spam clogs the electronic byways and highways of the Internet, taxing resources that could be put to much better use. Worse, over 60% of unsolicited e-mail messages contain false or misleading statements that clearly violate U.S. and international laws.

The problem with unsolicited e-mail is growing. Over 100 million unsolicited e-mail messages are sent out every single day. Tracking down and eradicating spam is an impossible job without a central rallying point for people that are fed up with unsolicited e-mail. The goal of the Anti-Spam Headquarters is to put a system in place that allows anyone to report and track the activities of persons sending unsolicited messages.

If you are tired of unsolicited e-mail flooding your mail box and are willing to do something about it, lets work together to eradicate spam and send spammers back to the dark ages. I ask that you join me in the fight against spam and together our voices will ring louder and clearer than any single voice ever could.

William R. Stanek

Report Spam If you've received an unsolicited e-mail message, please report the spammer and record their message in our tracking system.

Learn More about the creator of the Anti-Spam Headquarters, William R. Stanek, by visiting his home page.



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