Increase Your Web Traffic

Thank You!

My intent was to put together the best book on Web promotion and ensure that readers of all skill levels could use it. Based on reader comments and reviews of the book, I think I've achieved that. Thanks for your support.

Companion Web Site

Throughout the book, you will find references to the companion Web site for the book. These references will direct you to a specific Web page. I chose to set up the Web site using individual pages to protect the integrity of something I worked on for many, many months. Like I state in the book, I researched thousands and thousands of Web sites to come up with the resources you'll find in the book.

Errata: Web In Motion

The Web is in a constant state of change. Hey, there's millions of pages out there and things are bound to change. Since the book was published, the furniture has been moved around a bit. To help you stay up to date and still get the most out of the book, I've updated all the resources that have changed. You'll find these changes within the book's companion Web site. I plan to continue to update these resources on a quarterly basis.

Changes also mean that some of the descriptions needed to be modified to fit the existing resources. I've put together a complete update sheet that lists the changes and the new pointers to the Web resources I discuss. Please feel free to print it out. I will also try to keep the update sheet current on a quarterly basis.