Increase Your Web Traffic Without Spending A Dime

What's The book About?

With 50 million Web users from dozens of countries around the world, the Web has an extremely diverse audience. Trying to tap into the tremendous potential of the Web can be a daunting task. Enter Increase Your Web Traffic In A Weekend. The goal of the book is to layout a comprehensive plan that anyone from beginner to expert can use to build an audience for a home page or Web site without spending a dime.

The cost-free Web promotion and advertising techniques I explore in the book are gathered from years of practical experience. These are secrets I haven't shared with anyone. Secrets that have helped me attract millions of readers to my Web sites and the Web sites of my customers. Secrets that could save you thousands of dollars. Now that's something to think about!

The plan I'll lay out isn't for the faint of heart. You will need to roll back your sleeves and really dive into the project at hand, which is to promote the heck out of your Web site using the techniques I will explore. While this will require some effort on your part, the plan is designed to be implemented in a weekend. Do you already see the light at the end of the tunnel? You should.

In the real world of shift work, rotating schedules and overtime, your weekend and my weekend may be totally different. So when I say in a weekend, I really mean any 2 days, a mere 48 hours, that you can spare. Thus whether you begin the Web promotion plan developed in the book on a weekend or a weekday, it really doesn't matter as long as you follow along.

How Is The book Organized?

Making the book easy to follow and understand is my number one goal! I really want anyone, no matter their skill level or work schedule, to be able to learn the secrets of successful Web promotion and advertising.

To make the book easy to use, I've broken down the book into 6 sections. The book begins with a Friday night preview of what is ahead for the weekend. The first day is broken down into a morning session and an afternoon session. These sessions are designed to help you understand:

  • Who is currently visiting your home page
  • How to track and analyze visitor statistics
  • How to put those statistics to work
  • How to direct visitors to popular areas of your Web site
  • How to gain readers that otherwise would have been lost because they used the wrong URL.

The second day is also broken down into morning and afternoon sessions. These sessions are designed to help you understand:

  • Where to publicize your home pages for free
  • How to register with search engines
  • How to get your home page listed as the Cool site of the day
  • Techniques you can use to attract the masses
  • What Web advertisers are looking for
  • How to create, track and manage banner advertising
  • How to place ads on other sites without spending a dime

Although the sessions are labeled morning and afternoon, they don't have to be read or followed at those specific times. Ideally, each session is a 4-hour time block. Thus, whenever you have a 4-hour block of time, you could tackle one of the sessions.

And if your days are really hectic, I've also designed each session to be approximately 1 hour. In this way, you can accomplish everything I discuss no matter what your schedule looks like.

The book closes with a review of what you've accomplished and a look at what you can do to continue your promotion efforts in the future. Beyond the final review, you will find helpful guides in the appendices. These guides put all the resources explored in the book at your fingertips in a summary format.

Will The book Really Help You?

To attract readers and advertisers to your home page, you need to learn the secrets of Web marketing and promotion. This requires tracking and analyzing your current traffic to discover who is visiting, learning how to use search engines to your advantage, learning how to promote your site with freebies, cooperative agreements, and much, much more. Using the techniques I explore in the book, you will learn how to:

  • Bring visitors to your Web site
  • Gain an audience for your ideas
  • Promote your Web site to the world

So yes, the book will really help you.

Who Should Read The book?

Anyone that wants to learn how to attract visitors to a home page or Web site should read the book. Specifically, if you can answer yes to any one of these questions, you'll know the book if for you:

  • Are you disappointed with the results you've achieved through Web publishing?
  • Have you created wonderful Web pages yet get only a few visitors?
  • Do you think the lack of visitors means your ideas, interests or products aren't interesting?
  • Do you want to reach a larger audience?
  • Do you want to learn how to attract a steady readership at your Web site?
  • Do you want to learn the secrets of Web promotion and marketing?
  • Do you want to attract advertisers to your Web site?
  • Do you want to learn how to tap into the tremendous potential of the Web?
  • Do you want to learn the secrets of marketing without spending a dime?

Again, if you can answer yes to any one of the previous questions, the book is definitely for you.

Where Can I Get the Book?

Increase Your Web Traffic In A Weekend
Publisher: Prima Publishing
Publication Date: July, 1997
ISBN: 0761511946
Order Increase Your Web Traffic In A Weekend directly from Books, the world's premier online bookstore!

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