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64 Reasons to Never Leave Cyberspace

  1. Academe This Week
  2. ALEX Catalogue of Electronic Texts
  3. Book links at Yahoo
  4. Books On-Line
  5. Bookstore Archive list
  6. BookWire Home Page
  7. Bram Stoker's Dracula
  8. Broadcaster Archive list
  9. Cognitive and Psychological Science
  10. Comedy Writer for Windows, a writer's software tool for adding humor to scripts, stories, etc. (Demo Version)
  11. Cyberkind Magazine
  12. Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture
  13. E-Books by FTP
  14. Electronic newspapers and more
  15. Electronic Publishing & Multimedia Toolkit at the IPC
  16. ERIC Virtual Library--Educational Resource
  17. E-text Archives book reviews poetry fiction and more.
  18. E-texts On-line search engine
  19. E-zine Listing
  20. Genre fiction resources for writers
  21. GNA Meta-Library Search
  22. Hot Wired Magazine
  23. INTERBANG - Dedicated to Perfection in the Art of Writing
  24. International Electronic Library on the WWW
  25. International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
  26. Internet Directory of Published Writers- Listing of Net writers
  27. Internet Resource Guides Clearing House Science and more!
  28. Intertext On-line Journal
  29. Labyrinth Electronic Publishing Project poetry and fiction.
  30. Language Resources from the WWW Virtual Library
  31. Languages and Linguistics - Carnegie Mellon University
  32. Library of Congress
  33. Literary Sites on the Internet
  34. Literature Webliography
  35. misc.writing Home Page
  36. National Computer Tectonics
  37. National Creative Registry Online - Dedicated to Helping Writers Protect Their Original Work
  38. Postmodern Culture
  39. Recursive Angel - Electronic Poetry Zine looks for and pays for high quality experimental work.
  40. Science Books
  41. Spider's Web References
  42. Spok's comprehensive On-line book list 1000's of books at your fingertips!
  43. Talk Bizarre strange but interesting literature.
  44. Teaching American Literature - Georgetown University
  45. The Commonplace Book - about writing.
  46. The Data Research Home Page magazine newspaper indexes and extracts.
  47. The Electronic Newsstand magazines and a whole lot more.
  48. The English Gopher at Penn
  49. The Fourth World Documentation Project
  50. The Freethought Web - a resource on freethought.
  51. The Gate On-line version of the San Francisco Chronicle & The S.F. Examiner
  52. The Morpo Review
  53. The Nando Times
  54. The RedSpread Archives literature poetry and prose.
  55. The Writer's Page
  56. Tristrom Cooke's SF&F Top 100 List
  57. Usenet Newsgroups
  58. Verbiage Magazine
  59. Verbum Digitalis - journal of poetry
  60. Webster's Weekly
  61. Wilderness Walking Staff Electronic Book
  62. World Wide Web Virtual Library
  63. Ygdrasil Online Publications
  64. Ziff Davis Publishing PC Magazine, MacWeek & More

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