Deborah Hirshberg

Background and Bio

My life has been one of extremes. When the opportunity to
participate in a new venture in cyberspace came along I was
as excited as the next guy, but it just added one more example
of how diverse my life has been and will continue to be.
Never living in one place for much more than four years, I
have experienced many interesting places and people.
Although some of my friends find it hard to understand when
I pack my bags and move on to the next city, many of them
envy my ability, or willingness, to do so. Having experienced
living in so many places, and meeting people from all
different backgrounds, some say that I have a different
outlook on life than most. I have to agree, but I don't feel that
it is a negative observation. After all, if Columbus didn't think
differently than others of his time we'd all still be living in

Born in Florida, raised one quarter of my life in
Michigan and then on to Southern California, Texas, Illinois,
Northern California, Republic of Panama, Southern
California, and now I find myself back in Florida. I've
experienced major earthquakes, a riot in Los Angeles, and a
major hurricane in Florida (Andrew). I've been in the Air
Force, earned my Bachelor of Science (San Diego State); and
Master of Public Administration (University of Southern
California). I've been a secretary, a law enforcement officer, a
clerk, and a manager at a federal court. I certainly don't know
if my life has gone full circle, but my latest stop, here in
Florida, has been a real doozey. With the latest event, that
being a columnist in the Internet Daily News, I have an
opportunity to travel the Cyberworld. Ah, what a life!

Primarily my published articles are what you see in this
publication. I have published for a nonprofit professional
association, but that did not have the diverse community of
readers as this forum has to offer. The diverse forum of
cyberspace will certainly test my abilities and put my
experiences to the same test. I would love to make the
transition from my present career as an Operations Manager
to writer. Of course, I will continue to follow a maxim my
mother has always told me..."don't quit your day job." Ok
mom. Don't say I never listen to you.

I am looking forward to a rewarding experience with the
Internet Daily News team. If you have a topic about law and
politics in cyberspace you would like to see me cover, please
e-mail me at I would love to hear from

Deborah Hirshberg
Columnist, Internet Daily News

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