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April 21, 1996: Our World-Class Team Grows Stronger

Java Junction

Check out the debut of Java Junction! A column for developer's, programmers and Web surfers interested in the Java programming language. Its hot!

31 Mar 1996: Telecommunications Act Of 1996 Reaffirms Abortion As The Eighth Forbidden Word

11 Mar 1996: Another Challenge To The Communications Decency Act Of 1996

15 Feb 1996: Communications Decency Act Of 1996: The Challenge Begins

8 Feb 1996: The Telecommunications Act Of 1996: What Does It Really Say?

Jan. 26, 1996: Our World-Class Team Grows Stronger

Cool Pick Hotel

Internationally-known author, Wes Tatters, joins the world-class team at Internet Daily News. To say that Wes Tatters writes books is an understatement. Wes has written such hits as Navigating the Internet with CompuServe, Discover the World Wide Web with your Sportster, Navigating the Internet with America Online, and Teach yourself Netscape Web Publishing in a Week. Wes has also directed and produced features, documentaries and television shows.

On-Line Job Hunt

Given the competition for jobs in today's job market, job hunters and career switchers need all the help they can get. Tune in to On-line Job Hunt and let our career columnist, Kellie Carlisle, guide you to a new career in tough times. The Internet is a wealth of resources for the job hunter. Nowhere has there ever been more resources for the job searcher than on the Internet.

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