C. W. Mann

Background and Bio

113 Wattenbarger Road
Sweetwater, TN 37874
Toll-free Phone: 800-484-4074 (Security Code 9710)
* Airfone: 101-122-5728 * Phone: 423-337-2525
* FAX 423-337-0222 * Cellular: 423-310-1312
* Satellite: 431-42-3388 * Internet: CWMann@AOL.COM

Freelance Services Available: Feature articles,
internal corporate reports/manuals, advertising copy,
multimedia presentations, WWW page creations
and product documentation. All products can be
done in formats compatible with the client's
hardware and software. Most standard hardware and
software are available to the author to produce
products that can be incorporated with staff projects
or other outside contractors.

Unless Writer's Guidelines, assignment letter, or
purchase contracts specify to the contrary, text is
delivered through a 600-DPI laser printed
manuscript and a 3.5" diskette. The text will be
formatted for WordPerfect 6.X for Windows, or
WordPerfect 3.5 for Macintosh. Conversion to most
word processor file formats supported LapLink can
also be supplied.

Multimedia video can include Video for
Windows, QuickTime and VISCA-Compatible VCR.
Audio capabilities include Wave audio, MIDI, and
CD audio. Animation can be Macromedia Director ,
Autodesk FLI and FLC files. Graphic images include
BMP, WMF, GIF, PCX, TIFF, and Kodak Photo CD.

The available software includes Microsoft
Publisher, Macromedia Author and Director,
Asymetrix Digital Video Producer, Midisoft MidiKit
and Music Mentor. A number of the past freelance
assignments have included photographic work in
addition to the textual assignment. Electronic digital
stock is also available from Coral, Digital Stock,
Allegro New Media, and others.

Editorial Positions: Editor, Micro Medical
Newsletter Editor, Dentist's Computer News Editor,
Builder's Computer News Editor, The Administrator's
Letter Columnist, BuzzBytes (American Image Press
Syndicate) Columnist, WriteBytes (Cornell
University Rapture Magazine and WWW Page)
Columnist, Super Fitness (American Image Press
Syndicate) Columnist, The Electronic Reviewer
(Internet Daily News for the WWW) Columnist,
Multimedia Corner (Internet Daily News for the
WWW) Contributing Editor, Total Fitness
Contributing Editor, CrossTrainer

Education: Undergraduate: Kenyon College;
Graduate: University of Tennessee; Post Graduate/
Honorary: London Institute of Applied Technology,
Georgia Institute of Technology, Chattanooga State
Technical Institute, Control Data Institute for
Advanced Technology.

Previous Employment: Vice President,
Planning Research Corporation (one of the world's
largest consulting firms), Chief Economist,
Southeast Tennessee Development District, and
Chief Executive Officer for the Lookout Mountain
Inclined Railway, Chattanooga Area Regional
Transportation Authority, and Transit Authority of
River City (Louisville, KY).

Recent Publications: The Robb Report,
Motorhome, Mountain Bike, Trailer Life, Total
Fitness, CrossTrainer, Sea Kayaker, PC Laptop,
Southern Boating, Bikereport, Writers Connection,
RV West, Musclemag International, Western RV
News, TeleProfessional, Fitness Management,
Ironman, Camping & RV Magazine, Transitions
Abroad, Yellow Jersey, Texas Cyclist, Boat
Pennsylvania, and Muscular Development. Four
recent novels have been published by Delancy's
Press with three additional manuscripts scheduled
for publication later this year.

Selected Specialties: Technology; General
Travel; Recreational Vehicles; Communications;
Fitness, Exercise, Diet & Health; Computers and
Software; Business Marketing; Financial
Management; and Lifestyles.

Recent Topics: "Motorhomes for Millionaires",
"Cellular Phones for the Mobile Office", "Using
Modems to Commute at Sea", "Locating the Best
Popular Priced Laptop", "Fat Free Mexican Food
Dishes", "The Best Sunglasses for a Mountain Bike",
"Using the Internet a Writer's Way", "Accounting
Systems for the Health Club", "Calling 911 from a
Sea Kayak", "Banking on the Internet", "Energy
Gaining Aerobics", "Planning The Big Trip'", "Broken
Down on the Road", "Cutting your Payments through
Refinancing", "Easy-to-use Small Business
Accounting Systems", "Exercising inside your RV",
"The Easiest Desktop Publishing Program", "Internet
Reference Source Books", "Reference Tools for
Writers", "Finding a Laptop CD-ROM Drive",
"Traveling the Natchez Trace", and "Epilepsy - Out
of Sight, Please".

C. W. Mann
Columnist, Internet Daily News
Electronic Reviewer
Multimedia Corner

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