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Kellie Carlisle is a contract writer specializing in the telecommunications industry. She was born in Ft. Worth Texas and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma. She studied at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and started her technical writing career in early 1989. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

She is an upbeat go-getter with a dynamic personality and is always ready to tackle a new challenge. She believes there is always a payoff after plenty of hard work and dedication. "I enjoy making my deadlines and completing my aggressive assignments because I know there is a sense of accomplishment after a successful project. It takes the whole team to make it work and it's exciting to experience the success." Don't let this fool you into thinking she is too serious, I rather quickly discovered she has a sarcastic side and witty sense of humor. Her co-workers describe her to be an uplifting and motivated professional that is enjoyable to work with.

Kellie's contracts vary. She has worked with several companies including, ADDS/NCR/AT&T, Unisys, American Airlines SABRE Travel Information Network, Precision Cable Manufacturing, Inc., Southwestern Bell, TubeSonics International, Inc., Diamond Aviation, American Biomedical Group, Inc., and Frontier Engineering (defense contracts).

She is also a member of the IEEE, National Association of Female Executives (NAFE), IEEE Professional Communication Society, Toastmasters International, and the Society of Technical Communication (STC).

Kellie is currently on contract with AT&T Bell Laboratories where she manages the publication of Bell Labs VLSI Technology Labs documents. This involves scheduling all phases of the writing, editing, layout, design, and review of documents generated by the organization, including Technology Qualification documents, engineers' reports for publication in technical journals, and design rules for emerging technologies. She is also responsible for maintaining the VLSI Technology Laboratories Technology Master Reference List on the DDS Orlando World Wide Web site. She creates and posts documents on the Web as directed by the Technology Development Department Head and creates and posts FrameMaker templates on the Web for use by Bell Labs personnel and provides the department with FrameMaker training and support.

Kellie's interests range from equestrian sports to martial arts. When Kellie is not working, she is spending time with her family, Mike, 31, a contract windows developer, and a seven year old son, Justin. They have two dogs, Dega, a German Shepard, and Alina, a Miniature Pinscher.

Kellie's extracurricular time is very important to her. She says you will never find her living in an office. "If a job takes more than forty hours, then something is wrong. I need to spend time with my family. Every week I look forward to when we ride horses together, we all jump and it's great fun!" she said. Exercise is also important to here, she swims at least twice a week and rides three times when time allows. Step aerobics fits into the schedule too.

She is a goal-oriented and motivated professional with seven years of technical writing and management experience concentrating in the electronics and engineering fields.

Her management experience includes project leader of several projects and proposals. She has demonstrated operations procedures manuals for clientele and other applicable personnel, and was a level four manager at American Airlines.

The following is a list of some of her computer skills:

Hardware: Personal Computers (XT, 386, 486, and Pentium), NCR and NCD X-Stations, Macintosh, and Alliant FX-80T

Software: HTML, Java, ADA, C+, MICROFOCUS COBOL, PowerBuilder, and VISUAL BASIC

Databases: Informix, Oracle, and Sybase

Systems: UNIX, WINDOWS 3.0/3.1, OS/2, SUN Workstations, and MS/PC DOS

Software Packages: Adobe Photoshop 3.0 ClarisCad, Corel Draw, Excel, Fast Tax, Fast Track, FrameMaker (all versions including 5.0), Harvard Graphics, Interleaf, Lotus 123, MacDraw II, MacPaint, MacPublisher, MacWrite, MS Word (all versions), Pagemaker, Power Point, Ventura Desktop Publishing, Word Perfect (DOS and Windows), and Visio.

Kellie is the Career Columnist for the Internet Daily News and is a staff writer for Business Etc. magazine. She is excited about expanding her skills to include more journalism type assignments because she claims technical writing can get dry, dull, and boring at times. "I like to have some creative assignment between my technical writing contracts to challenge myself. It's pretty tough to switch back and forth between technical writer by day and journalism by night" she says.

To receive a copy of Kellie's resume or discuss employment opportunities she can be contacted at the numbers at the top of this article.

Kellie Carlisle
Columnist, Internet Daily News
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