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Pulse of the Internet Magazine is a venture in partnership with The Virtual Press.

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40-page exclusive on the making of Pulse of the Internet magazine was featured in Electronic Publishing Unleashed published by Macmillan's SAMs Publishing in October 1995. See for yourself why Pulse of the Internet will be the hottest magazine covering the Internet!

In early December 1995, we completed test marketing for the magazine and want to thank everyone involved. The results we received from the over 250 participants and test markerters were more than we had hoped for! Based on the strong results of the test period, we have decided to proceed with the project. Yet in keeping with customer comments and the need to re-think the distribution and marketing process for Pulse of the Internet, we will push the debut back until early 1997.

To compensate those who have already subscribed to Pulse of the Internet, TVP is providing a full unconditional refund and a $25 gift certificate good for any of our publications.

For anyone who'd like to see what the pre-release of Pulse of the Internet Magazine looked like, you'll find sample screen shots below.

Keep believing in the magic! We hope you visit again soon.

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