William R. Stanek (director@tvpress.com) is a leading Internet technology expert, an award-winning author and a top Web site designer. Over the years, his practical and thorough advice has helped Web publishers, programmers, and developers all over the world. A few of the books William has written include: Increase Your Web Traffic, Netscape One Developer's Guide, Web Publishing Unleashed Professional Referenced Edition and Microsoft FrontPage 97 Unleashed.
Beyond books, William is also a regular columnist and feature writer for magazines. His column in the well-respected journal Dr. Dobb's SourceBook is called Web Database Developer. William is also a contributor to PC Magazine and you'll sometimes find his work in the PC Tech section.
As a publisher and writer with over a decade of hands-on experience with advanced programming and development, William brings a solid voice of experience on the Internet and Web development to his many projects. His years of practical experience are backed by a solid education, Master of Science in Information Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. When he is not writing or designing Web sites for the Fortune 1000, William enjoys spending time with his family. His favorite time of the day is when he steals a few minutes to read to the youngest.
William served in the Persian Gulf War as a combat crew member on an Electronic Warfare aircraft. During the war, he flew on numerous combat missions into Iraq and was awarded 9 medals for his wartime service including one of our nation's highest flying honors, the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross.



    Internet and Web Development Experience

    Internet Consultant & Web Site Designer

  • Creator of many award-winning Web sites; including Internet Daily News and the Internet Job Center.
  • Developer of Web-based magazines, newspapers, newsletters and books.
  • Expert knowledge of Web traffic analysis, Web site set-up, content update, and maintenance.
  • Provide clients with expert advice on the Internet and the Web.
  • Extensive knowledge of Internet fire walls and security issues.
  • Design and implement Web-Database solutions for clients.
  • Advanced development experience with Java, JavaScript, VBScript, and CGI.

    Internet Technology Author

  • Author of many Internet technology books, including: Increase Your Web Traffic, Peter Norton's Guide to Java Programming, Netscape ONE Developer's Guide, FrontPage 97 Unleashed, and Web Publishing Unleashed Professional Reference Edition.
  • Contributing editor and columnist for Web Database Developer column in Dr. Dobb's Sourcebook; recent topics include Web-Database connectivity with LiveWire, scripting ODBC Web-database solutions and writing Web-Database scripts with CGI.
  • Contributor to PC Magazine, sample of work "Spotlight on JavaScript", "VBScript 2.0 and JavaScript 1.2" and Internet Tools "VRML: 3D for the Web" in the June 10, June 24, and August 1997 issues respectively.

    Computer Network & Management Experience

    Wide Area Network Manager - U.S. Air Force

  • Provided direction, leadership, and technical expertise to 14-member staff.
  • Managed multiple OS LANs in support of over 500 users at local and remote sites.
  • Coordinated with executive management and ADP offices nationwide.
  • Developed, planned, and installed network infrastructure.
  • Managed advanced projects and ongoing development/programming efforts.

    Senior UNIX System Administrator - U.S. Air Force

  • Supervised and managed 6-member staff.
  • Advanced experience solving software and hardware problems on WANs/LANs.
  • Managed large databases; advanced experience with SYBASE.
  • Wrote C/C++/UNIX scripts optimizing for speed/performance/reliability.
  • Installed and configured workstations, servers, cables, routers, and hubs.
  • Project manager for many advanced projects.

    UNIX LAN/WAN System Administrator - U.S. Air Force

  • Network operations on host 3B15 mainframes, Sun Servers, Sun workstations, and PCs.
  • Worked extensively with DOS, Windows, UNIX, Xenix, AT&T 3B15, and Sun OS.

    PC Manager - U.S. Air Force

  • Managed 45 PCs and centralized database system.
  • Responsibilities included procurement, installation, backup and recovery.
  • Streamlining efforts made it possible to downsize 8-person shop to 4-person shop.

    Systems Analyst - U.S. Air Force

  • Responsible for computer equipment in excess of $2.8 million.
  • Directed 12-person analytical effort.

    Computer Training Experience

  • Experienced on-the-job trainer; skills taught: general computing, systems analysis, system administration, and network management.
  • Class room instructor; skills taught system administration, database administration, mainframe administration, mainframe maintenance, server maintenance, server installation, work station installation, and network management.
  • Wrote technical training manuals.

    General Computer Experience

  • Programming experience in Assembler, C, C++, COBOL, Java and UNIX shell.
  • Expert knowledge of UNIX, Windows, Sun OS, and Solaris 2.X.
  • Expert knowledge of IBM PCs, Sun SPARC workstations, and Sun servers.
  • Expert knowledge of HTML, SGML, VRML, Java, ActiveX, CGI, JavaScript, VBScript
  • Extensive work with airborne computer systems and telecommunications.
  • Extensive work with satellite communications.

    General Management Experience

  • Advanced project management and development skills.
  • Advanced budget and planning skills.
  • Master's class on Business Law and Regulations (Law 651).


  • Master of Science in Information Systems Management, Hawaii Pacific University. Graduated with distinction, GPA 4.0.
  • BS in Computer Science, Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii. Magna Cum Laude. 4.0 GPA for all core classes. Finalist for class valedictorian.

    Significant Career Accomplishments & Awards

  • 17 career decorations in United States Air Force.
  • Recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Force's highest flying honor; earned during the Persian Gulf War.

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