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I've been working with computers and networks since the mid 80's. I set up my first Internet company in March 1994 and I've been designing for the Web ever since. My claim to Net fame isn't that I've produced dozens of million-dollar mega sites, but rather that I have years of practical and hands-on experience that most others design teams just don't have. Heck, I created a few hundred Web sites before most other design teams had ever heard of the World Wide Web. Back when I started, there were only a few thousand Web sites. Today, there are so many it is hard to count, but a recent estimate puts the Web page count at around 250,000,000.

Major computer publishers recognized my talents and expertise long ago. I've written over a dozen books covering the Internet and the Web. My articles on Web design and development have appeared in leading magazines like PC Magazine and Dr. Dobbs. Millions of people have read my work. So when I say I'm an Internet expert this isn't just a bunch of hot air, I have the credentials and demonstrated know-how to back it up.

As proof of my expertise, I offer a body of work that encompasses years of experience, millions of words and thousands of published pages--my books and articles covering the Web--and the demonstration Web sites I've set up that are accessible from my home pages. If this isn't enough to convince you that I know what I am doing, by all means, look elsewhere. That said, I hope you will give me the opportunity to develop your Web site and if so, you can contact me directly by sending email to williamstanek@aol.com


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